Operation Yummy Mummy?!?!?

image So you may have noticed that I been following the Jenny Craig diet for the past 6-7 weeks and I’ve been doing really well.  Last week was not such a good week for me as I had a few picnics out with Hubby followed by a Royal Wedding Street Party, Mum’s birthday celebrations and finally my birthday celebrations yesterday.  Instead of losing weight I put on 1.2lbs but I’m determined to turn it around this week and get back on track.

With all the beautiful sunshine we’ve been having recently I’m desperate to get into some nice clothes for the summer but my wobbly bits aren’t very well contained in some of the sheer fabrics so I know that I need to do something more about it.  Tonight, after a particularly stressful hour with a very overtired Little Bean I decided that I needed to get out and de-stress.  I donned my trainers and went for a 20 minute run, I set myself a goal of where I wanted to run to and promised myself that I wouldn’t walk or stop until I reached it.  I’m very pleased to say that I did it!  And once I reached my goal, I decided to run a little bit further before turning around and running home.  I was very red by the time I got home and Little Bean told me “you look funny Mummy” which isn’t exactly encouraging but I just laughed it off with her.

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment but I get the feeling I might not feel so good in the morning – but it will be worth it, right!?

2 thoughts on “Operation Yummy Mummy?!?!?”

  1. You go girl! While I expand, you get skinnier and skinnier! You’ll have to help me out in 2012 when I need it! 😉

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