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Oooooooooo and Oh No!

In the last few days Baby Bean has added a new word to her vocabulary – it’s “ooooooo” and it kind of goes “up” in the middle. If I put food down for her, she says “oooooo”, when we’re walking around the shops something will catch her eye and again “ooooooo”. Then this morning she walked into our spare bedroom when I had left one of her christmas presents out to put in the loft because it was too big to hide anywhere else and I hear an all new “oooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo”, it went very high and was very long so I’m thinking she is going to like her present. When I walked into the room she was squatted down on her feet with her arms wrapped around her knees staring very intently at her present.

And the “oh no” – when I took it away from her and put it in the loft – I’m sure she now thinks there is a very lucky child lives up in our loft.

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