No fun maternity clothes shopping . . .

This morning as I hunted through my wardrobe for something to wear I realised it was time for me to go shopping again. So far in this pregnancy I have been lucky enough to have the weather on my side and be able to get away with floaty dresses and maternity shorts or leggings but today I am FREEZING! Today I wanted to wear full length trousers not cropped trousers and I wanted a warmer top but all I could find was a long sleeve white t-shirt with a summer top over it.

After we had Beanie Boy, I sold the majority of my decent maternity wear, in particular all of my maternity trousers/jeans/cargo pants etc and now I miss them. So after dropping Little Bean at school I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pop into town early and sprint around the shops to see if I could find myself a few of the ‘basics’.

I am now back home two and half hours later with big fat diddly squat, NOTHING!!! In fact I only found two shops that actually sold maternity clothes and that was Mothercare and H&M. Normally I do reasonably well with H&M but thinking back that has mainly been dresses and tops, their sizing isn’t exactly brilliant for us pregnant ladies. I normally wear a size 12/14 when I’m not pregnant but the last pair of trousers that I bought from H&M were a size 20 and honestly I haven’t put that much weight on! Needless to say, I found nothing in H&M that I liked, it was either too ‘Mumsy’ or just plain boring.

I tried Mothercare as they have provided me well in the past but this time they didn’t have very much in stock in my size so now I’m feeling deflated and cold! I know that I can do online shopping but it’s not the same when you feel like having a shopping trip. Peterborough apparently doesn’t have pregnant ladies anymore, just lots of trendy young fashionistas, all around a size 8!

Where do you shop for your maternity clothes?


  • motherofintention

    September 18 at 11:06 am

    i’m an actual size 8 and let me tell you that getting clothes for a little waist is just as hard! I’m currently living in one pair of maternity jeans that I ordered online from Gap. They’re still too big round the hips, in spite of me checking the sizing guide and measuring my own hips…..they are NOT the size they claim to be. I had to keep them though because everywhere else came up just as big!
    I hate clothes shopping anyway, so the effort to find some quality basic maternity clothes that FIT is proving to be a real nightmare. I’m only 5ft 3 too….so I have to add being short to my woes!
    Last time I did the heavily pregnant bit in the summer and got away with floaty dresses…..winter pregnancy is proving a challenge on the clothing dept!

  • Rachael Mounteney

    September 19 at 8:31 pm

    I got the majority of my clothes from ebay either new or used as there is nothing around here either. To start with I went up a size (which came in handy after baby was born too) then after a while it was ebay, next on line and mothercare.

  • mymillsbaby

    September 23 at 9:42 am

    Try Seraphine or Isabella Oliver (you can get them cheaper on eBay) – these are very stretchy and bump-accomodating without making you look like a whale xx

    1. IamMummyMatters

      September 24 at 8:52 pm

      I love Seraphine and have my eye on a few pieces on ebay. I just wish the high street offered a bit more choice 🙁

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