New school better second time around

After the disastrous taster session we had at Little Bean’s new school a few days ago I arranged to take her back for a second session yesterday. I hadn’t told her that we were going so I was quite surprised when she came to me after breakfast and asked “Mummy can I go to my new school today?”.

I told her that I was planning on taking her again in the afternoon once I had collected her from pre-school. She begged me to take her to new school for the whole day but we had a little chat about how she only had a couple of weeks left at her pre-school so she needed to make the most of her time there because once she starts at her new school in September then she would be going there every day. She seemed quite happy with this and so we headed off to pre-school as planned.

When we arrived at her new school later in the day we were actually greeted by her new teacher who was like a completely different person. She remembered Little Bean’s name and greeted her warmly and remarked that it was nice she wanted to go back so soon. Little Bean got stuck right in playing with some of her new friends and enjoyed spending time in the home corner. Meanwhile, Hubby had joined us and we spent time talking to the teacher about our concerns with Little Bean settling in, about her eating issues and her *ahem* tenaciousness! The teacher explained how they could help her to settle in and seemed very understanding, in fact, I wasn’t even sure she was the same lady I had seen just two days previous. At the end of our chat she suggested that we went to the school reception and asked if we could have a tour of the school because we hadn’t had the opportunity to up until now.

We were introduced to the Headmaster who agreed to give us a tour of the school. We were both impressed with all that we saw and especially so with the nursery which we didn’t realise was there. When I saw the after school club I was under the impression that was where nursery was held too but it isn’t. I’m still massively under-whelmed by the after school club and will try to find alternative arrangements but at least I’m now not so worried about where Beanie Boy will go when it’s time for him to go to nursery.

In my heart of hearts I would still prefer Little Bean to go to the school we first chose but at least now if the appeal fails, I won’t feel so bad about her school because it’s much better than I first thought. You know how us Mums like to panic!!


  • The Day That

    July 9 at 4:17 pm

    Always a nightmare trying to find the right school, good to hear you’re all sorted!

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