My Kiddy Advertisement

Some time ago I, along with the other Kiddy Ambassadors was challenged with creating an advert for Kiddy. This could be as adventurous as a video or as simple as a child’s drawing but they wanted us to focus on what we feel are the important functions of a Kiddy car seat. I have now been using Kiddy car seats for nearly 12 months and I am a total convert, I show my car seat to anyone who will pay attention, whether they have children or not. I am not just a fan because I have been given them for free, I absolutely love these car seats because of how safe they are for my children, how easy they are to use and how comfortable my children tell me they are to sit in (my bottom is too large for one so I have to take their word for it!). Beanie Boy falls asleep at the drop of a hat in his Kiddy Guardianfix Pro and he wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t comfortable.

So back to my advert, I wanted to do something simple because sometimes the more simple an ad can be, the more powerful and effective it can be. One morning as I was driving Little Bean to pre-school I looked up into my child-view mirrors and realised that the only things I could see in my mirrors were my two most precious possessions, comfortably protected in their Kiddy car seats and that’s when my idea struck me . . .


I chose the tag line “keeping an eye on safety” because that is exactly what Kiddy do. They are always looking for ways to improve their already fabulous products. As technology develops, so do Kiddy because they love our kids as much as we do and they want to help us to enjoy our children and keep our children safe.

What do you think? Like it or loathe it, don’t be afraid to tell me, I’m a big girl!

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