Mummy’s lesson learnt!

As last Saturday approached, I can hand on heart say that I was excited. Why? Because last Saturday we were all going to watch Little Bean sing in her first ever pre-school Christmas Concert. In the weeks leading up to the Xmas concert Little Bean and I have been singing her songs everywhere we have been; in the supermarket, , on the train, at the park, in the car, walking to school, walking from school, in the bath – everywhere!

Little Bean had been chosen to be a Santa so I was told to dress her in red and black, simples! When we arrived at pre-school she was given a Santa Hat which had been made at school and for a few seconds her bottom lip trembled – at this point I was told to give her a quick hug and go to my seat. Hug over, I joined the rest of my family and all the other families with cameras poised ready to get that extra special photograph and/or video of their precious little pre-schooler.

Now I never go anywhere without my camera and thankfully I didn’t on this occasion but what I did do (and this is a regular with me) was I forgot to charge the battery!!! No worries, I had my video camera with me, that was charged I could use that instead but as Little Bean came onto the stage and I went to switch my video on I realised with dread that I had left it switched on so the battery was dead! Hang on a moment, my brain clicked into gear, after having a camera disaster on my trip to Berlin this year I always carry a spare battery but no it was dead too. My final chance lay with my Flip camera but unfortunately, despite remembering to charge the batteries for this one – it’s a bit temperamental and on the day of my daughter’s first pre-school Christmas concert it was having an off-day and I failed to record any footage at all. GUTTED!!!

Mummy MattersDespite being quite a confident little girl, Little Bean often becomes shy when put on the spot (a bit like her Mummy – yes really!) so I really wasn’t sure whether she would go through with it but as she walked onto the stage a big smile spread across her face and when she spotted us she waved frantically. She took her place with the other Santas and sang along to the songs as the Reindeers took centre stage. Next came the turn of the Santas and Little Bean was first up, front and centre. She sang her little heart out as mine was bursting with pride, my first born daughter was already big enough to be singing at school, how could this be possible? They grow up so quickly!

Luckily for me, my lovely neighbour Mummy Bird was there with her family as Little Bird attends the same pre-school, (he was a Reindeer) and they took lots of photos and had their video camera (working) so all is not lost but I will NEVER attend a school event without a charged camera (or four) again!

I have blanked out the faces of the other children as I do not have their families’ permission to show their children.


  • sarahmumof3

    December 11, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    aww I always do this with cameras too and then when i do think I’m sorted on the battery front I leave the SD card at home!! oh well glad you got some nice photos and your daughter enjoyed her christmas play!

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