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Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, sure I used to watch TV when I was a child but more than anything it is the music that I remember, the music that stirs up memories of dancing around my bedroom, of holidays, birthdays, people and places. When you walk into a shop and hear a tune, doesn’t it have the ability to take you right back to a time in your life, suddenly you can smell the scent in the air, feel the warmth (or chill) on your skin as you remember the time of year, the weather, the time of day. So I want you to share your memories with me, with others who have a love of music as I do.

Starting Monday 11th April from 8pm I shall be opening a linky where you can come back each week (if you want to) and share your Musical Memories.

As this is the start of something new, the theme for this week is “New Beginnings” which is a pretty easy topic because it can cover so many different things, our first day at school, a new job, a new house, a new relationship, the birth of a child – the list is endless!

Are you with me? I hope so – the link will be open from 8pm tomorrow night until 8pm Friday.

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