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Mummy Fashion After Pregnancy

After giving birth, it’s normal to wonder how your style of dress will change. After carrying your precious baby for nine months, your stomach is not going to immediately go back to the way it was. While you work those last few pounds off, here are some fashion tips to flatter your post-pregnancy figure.

The Magic Tank Top

If you’re feeling insecure about your belly, you can get a fitted Spanx tank top that will provide support while smoothing out your curves. You can wear it under everything from t-shirts to formal dresses. A fitted tank top will also help you fit into tops and dresses that are snug around the waist and midriff.

Tops that are Big but Slightly Fitted

To cover up the remnants of your baby bump, choose tops that define your figure without being too constrictive. Flowing babydoll tops, tunics, tops with an empire waist, and slightly loose t-shirts are all great options. They also provide the comfort you need while you are caring for an infant. You can also add a roomy cardigan that is fitted in the shoulders and flowing in the midsection if you need an extra layer.

You can pair these tops with tighter pants, such as leggings or jeans. That way, you’ll be able to define the rest of your figure without embellishing your former bump. Just make sure they aren’t so form-fitting that they are uncomfortable. Your main goal should be a flattering outfit that doesn’t force you to sacrifice comfort.

Patterns that Distract

Bold, eye-catching patterns are your best friend in hiding a bump. They draw the attention to the pattern instead of to the shape, which helps you hide the parts of your body you might feel are less than perfect. You can choose anything from color-blocking to florals to even polka dots. This will also give you an opportunity to play with different colors and patterns, and even let you try on a bolder style if you don’t have one already.

Shoes that Work for You

Finally, you can round out the outfit with a pair of comfortable shoes that cradle your feet and give you the comfort you deserve. After carrying a baby for nine months, you may find that your feet are unwilling to carry you very far in sky-high heels. Instead, save those for special occasions and opt for something casual for everyday life, like a nice pair of flowery flats from iron fist. By making smart-yet-stylish footwear choices, your feet will be able to carry you through your day.

While you may be feeling a bit down about your post-pregnancy figure, it doesn’t mean you can’t find outfits that make you look great. With a little creativity, as well as a focus on your own comfort, you can still look fabulous!

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