Mothercare Mummy Bloggers Meetup

I think it is fair to say that blogging has become a massive phenomenon in the last couple of years and now large retailers are starting to take note of just how many bloggers are out there. Mothercare are one such retailer who recently invited a bunch of Mummy Bloggers for a Mummy meetup in their Peterborough store. It was surprising to note how many other bloggers there were in this area that we hadn’t already met either online or at one of the many blogging events we have attended.

Mothercare Mummy Bloggers

Mothercare invited Sioned Hilton from Medela to give us a demonstration of their products and to talk about breastfeeding and give us all a chance to get to know each other face to face without the help of Twitter. We met Vicki Horspool who is the Assistant Manager of the Bridge Street store and it was nice to see that she had been doing her homework as she had been reading our blogs recently. She was amazed by just how big the blogosphere was and how much we have achieved as a result of them. Blogging is a great source of support for parents, its so comforting to find you are not the only Mother with a child who won’t eat, or won’t share their toys.

Mothercare tell us that this is just the start, they are hoping to plan more Mummy Meetups like this and they are also hoping to take the initiative to different towns and cities. I can’t wait for the next one so I’m hoping they don’t forget my invite!

Mothercare is so much more than just a baby shop, they offer a wide range of products and services for maternity, newborn and beyond. Mummy bloggers are a great source of information to find out EXACTLY what us Mum’s want to see more of, I think Mothercare are switched on to the new media available so here’s to a long and happy partnership.


  • Katie Fisher

    September 14, 2011 at 11:29 am

    Hiya! Great blog! Leaving a comment in reply to your Persil competition 🙂 Am a fan on Twitter too (@griffincomps) Love your profile pic!
    With love, Katie Fisher x

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