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Mookie Mini Street Cruz Scooter

Little Bean had her first experience of a scooter whilst on holiday with her cousins in April last year, she loved it so much I suggested to my Mum that she buy a scooter for her 2nd birthday and so together we sourced a scooter which would transform from a four wheeler to a three to a two wheeler in a bid that it would last a long time. Unfortunately Little Bean never really got to grips with this scooter as she had with her cousins’ because I think it was too high off the ground and she found steering difficult. She wanted to ride it but she just couldn’t co-ordinate herself as well as she had done on holiday.


When I was asked if we would like to review the Mookie Toys my initial reaction was that she already has one but then when I looked at the picture to see what it was like I was thrilled to see it was similar to the scooter she’d had success with previously so I said yes.

image image

The Mini Street Cruz is aimed at children of 3 years plus and is extremely lightweight which makes it easier for the little ones to handle. It has three sturdy PVC wheels, two at the front for stability when steering and one at the back and a strong platform to stand on. There is a foot brake over the rear wheel to make slowing down and stopping that bit easier (and safer). To change direction on the scooter you lean the handlebars in the direction you want to take, something which Little Bean has found much easier than actually turning the handles on her previous scooter. The other great thing is that the steering column is a decent height which means that the Mini Street Cruz will fit Little Bean for a good few years.

When the Mini Street Cruz is not in use it folds up neatly for storage or for carrying. I can see this is going to be very handy on the school run because in the past I have had to drag the scooter behind me once Little Bean is in school whereas with the Mini Street Cruz I can easily carry it whilst pushing Beanie Boy in his pushchair.

image RRP £35.00 but currently available on Amazon for £24.95

Also available in blue

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  1. phyllis ellett
    December 12, 2011 / 6:43 am

    Thanks for the great review of the scooter, on the strength of that, have decided to purchase this type for our 3 year old Grandaughter.

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