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Being a work at home mum is great, it means that I get to spend lots of valuable time with my children.  I use “work” at home in a rather loose sense of the word.  I do a small amount of invoicing for an old work colleague on an “as and when” basis and have been doing so for nearly 18 months.  It suits me and my family, although to be honest I could do with something a bit more substantial.  The only “slight” problem with it is that sometimes when I have a bulk of work to do, I feel very tied to the house.  How lovely would it be to take the children to the park to enjoy some fresh air whilst catching up on a few emails or running off the odd invoice?  Yes I know that its possible to do this on some of today’s new mobile phones (smartphones) but it takes longer than actually sitting at a computer and the screens can be tiring on your eyes.


For the past two weeks I have been able to do just that!  Thanks to Three Mobile I have been the proud temporary owner of a MiFi device.  What’s that I hear you say?  To be fair, I asked the same question myself when I was asked if I would like to give one a go.  I’d heard of WiFi (wireless technology) I use that at home already.  But MiFi is a mobile modem device (mobile broadband).  The MiFi dongle is smaller than most mobile phones and can be used anywhere that it picks up a mobile signal (as with mobile phones) allowing you to connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices at one time, such as a laptop or Nintendo DSi.

I used the MiFi with an iPad (also on review – separate post to follow) to be the ultimate Mobile Mum.  I have been able to work in the park, in the car on a 3 hour journey whilst Hubby was driving, at the Baby Show at Earls Court, at a soft play centre whilst Little Bean was playing with her friends (though obviously keeping an eye on her at the same time) and in a Cafe whilst enjoying a coffee on a rare “child-free” afternoon.  Just because I have to work, doesn’t mean Little Bean has to be stuck in front of the TV or playing on her own, or that I have to stay chained to the house, it has given us both a new lease of life which was very much needed.  As well as keeping up with my work, I’ve been able to enjoy tweeting, catching up on Facebook and most importantly keeping my blog up to date!  Sadly, the iPad has already been returned and the MiFi is shortly to follow suit so its back to the shackles for me but in the future a MiFi is something I would definitely consider buying.

The MiFi retails at £69.99 on a pay-as-you-go basis or £39.99 on a 1 month rolling contract. 

For more information about their price plans click here.

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