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MEME: What job can you imagine your baby doing?

Whilst reading a magazine recently I saw an article which said a study by statistician Dr Geoff Ellis has suggested that your first-born is more likely than their siblings to become a rock star. With this in mind I’ve decided to have a go at starting a meme to see what you think your children will go on to become. It could be a really interesting one for you to look back upon when they’re grown up. I wonder how many of us would have got it right?

So as for my children? Hmmmm, let’s start with my stepson Curly. He’s 8 years old and is a typical boy, he loves anything to do with monsters, aliens, dinosaurs and secret agents but I can’t see much of a future in them for him other than being the next James Bond. He has said a couple of times that he would like to be a policeman but when we told him how much paperwork was involved he changed his mind, he just hates writing things down. He is very strong at maths, especially mental arithmetic and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he didn’t follow in his Mum and Dad’s footsteps into accountancy. 

He’s also really good at remembering song lyrics, this is something which has always baffled Hubby as he says he must get that from me (though clearly I’m not his Mum so I don’t see how) but I only need to hear a song once I can recall all the lyrics, Curly is exactly the same. At the age of four, we had a new bathroom suite fitted and had one of the toilets with the push button flush on the top. Imagine our amusement when he went into the bathroom, placed his finger on the button and started singing the lyrics to Chemical Brothers “Galvanize” which contains the words “push the button” – he had the tune exactly right and did a little dance as he sang it. As for becoming a rock star though? I’m not so sure!

Then we have Little Bean (2yo). Right from being very tiny she has responded to music very keenly. The minute she could stand up holding onto furniture she would bob and bounce to Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”. She would recognise it right from the start of the tune where it plays very quietly and would get so excited. She has now progressed to Lady Gaga and has her own CD which we have to have on in the car all of the time. I’m pleased to say that she also likes Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” one of my favourites. Whenever a piece of music comes on that she likes, it doesn’t matter where she is she will start to dance and encourage others to do so too. I think she will be quite a motivational person when she is older and I definitely think that nothing will stop her getting what she wants. She is one very determined young lady who always manages to find a way if something blocks her path. I think it would be easy to say that she would go into something music related, perhaps dancing but I think this will only be a hobby (like her Mummy).

Her other big passion is being outdoors, come rain or shine she loves it. It just brings her alive to be out in the fresh air, she is a very physical little girl who loves climbing, jumping and running – boy can that girl run! She is very fast already so perhaps she will take after her Daddy and be a sport-billy? Who knows? 

I can imagine that she will make a great mother, she just loves her dolls (though perhaps that is because I’m pregnant and she is trying to emanate me?). She feeds them, changes their bums and is always giving them cuddles telling them “there there, luff you”. The only thing I’m not sure about is when she throws them down the stairs because she can’t be bothered to carry them – one to watch out for when her baby brother arrives!

The one thing I do know about both of my children (and the next one to come) is that whatever they choose to become, they will have me and Daddy there to support them and help them in any way we can. Providing they try their hardest then we will be proud of them just for who they are. I think our children all having glowing futures ahead of them but for now, I just want them to be children and make it last as long as possible because we all grow up too fast!

So now its over to you, I’m going to tag a few people but please feel free to join in and comment if you do so that I can pop over and see what you think the future holds for your little ones . . . . .

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