Mattel Apptivity: Hot Wheels

Mattel Apptivity: Hot Wheels 1It seems that more and more games are becoming available that make your iPad experience a little bit more interactive, the latest game that we have been sent to trial is the Mattel Apptivity Hot Wheels.

Unfortunately, this game has had to sit around for some time whilst we have been waiting for the all-clear for Curly to stay at our house again since we were all struck down with whooping cough.

Finally, the visiting ban has been lifted and Curly is once again back with the family so normal activities can resume. Yes, the fighting, shouting, crying and occasional loves and hugs have returned into the sibling triangle and the usual arguments over whose turn it is on the iPad.

Mattel Apptivity has launched a number of games to make your iPad experience a little more involved and they include; Hot Wheels, WWE Rumblers, Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja, Batman and Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Monkey. If like me, you are worried that using ‘toys’ on the screen of the iPad is going to damage, fear not the toys have all been specially designed using special screen-safe plastic which will keep your screen perfectly scratch-free!

Curly received the Apptivity Hot Wheels (with Yur So Fast) which in all honesty is not really up Curly’s street, he has never been into cars and trucks, he is more of a Zombies, Monsters and Superheroes kind of boy but nevertheless, he decided to give it a go. There are four different cars to choose from, each having its own sounds and options within the game.

Mattel Apptivity is compatible with iPad, iPad2 and the new iPad, once you have purchased the Apptivity pack you need to download the relevant app from the iTunes Store and you’re all set to go. Using the car provided or just two fingers you become the car, racing around the track, crashing and winning races. When you win you earn points which you can then use to make modifications to your car (a great way to learn about earning, saving and spending). There are different race tracks to choose from to vary gameplay and to suit your skills.

Curly thought the game was ok but as I said, he’s not really into cars that much so I think he probably would have been happier with Batman or Fruit Ninja. He likes the concept of the game as he already has similar games. We have just given Curly a Kurio for his birthday and it’s a shame that the games do not cross over to the Kids tablets as it means that the iPad is still the ‘family’ possession rather than mine which was the original intention – it’s a good job I can share!!


  • Zaggora Girl

    November 2 at 7:26 pm

    Looks like a great game! What are your and your little man’s favourite Apps ? 🙂

    1. mummymatters

      November 8 at 2:38 pm

      Oh now you’re asking, for Beanie Boy his favourite will probably always be Charley Bear – he LOVES it and drives me to distraction with it!! But honestly there are so many, we have about 5 pages of apps on MY iPad at the moment and only 1 page is for me!! 🙂

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