Making your money work harder for you . . .

Money makes the world go around – isn’t that how the saying goes? Money is a funny one, I certainly don’t think it buys you happiness but it does make life easier. Money is the reason that we go to work, to pay our bills, to keep a roof over our heads and to put food in the mouths of our family.

Money saving When I was younger I didn’t really get that. As soon as I opened my pay packet I would be straight down to the shops spending my money like there was no tomorrow but obviously I’ve grown up a little bit since then and I have realised the importance of saving my money. My Mum always told me to “put some away for a rainy day” but I didn’t get that either, not until the time that my car needed a new radiator and I didn’t have the funds to pay for it. Good old “Bank of Mum” came to the rescue and loaned me the money until I could afford to pay it back but that isn’t always possible.

Cars, houses and children are all expensive things which can end up costing you money when you least expect it so I now agree with Mum about putting money away for a rainy day. We have savings accounts for each of the children so that they have a few pennies for when they are older, perhaps for their first car or to help them with University fees if that is the direction they choose to take.

Holidays are another good reason to put some pennies away. Unless you are really lucky and have the cash spare at the end of each month to book yourself a holiday then you need to save throughout the year and have a pot building up so that when you want to book that holiday, the money is there ready and waiting for you. But how do you decide on which savings account is going to work hardest for you? With so many to choose from it can get very confusing and that’s where comes to the rescue because there are lots of savings accounts at moneysupermarket which are updated daily so that you can be sure that you have the most recent deals to hand.

The site is really easy to navigate with easy to read buttons directing you to choose the accounts that are right for you. At a glance you can see what each account has to offer and read reviews from current customers to give you peace of mind and when you are ready to go ahead with the account of your choice you can do it right there and then. It really couldn’t be easier – what are you waiting for, get those pennies working for you today!

DISCLAIMER: This is a post written on my behalf of one my partners. All words, opinions and photographs are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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