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Making the most of baby’s bathtime – #somuchmore

When Little Bean was born, we were given a lesson at the hospital along with other new parents on how to bathe our babies. It was daunting stuff because they are seriously slippery little things when wet! As a first time parent I felt very nervous once home along with LB and would always wait for Hubby to be around at bathtime so that we could make it a team effort and the majority of the time that is still the case now with all of the Beans.


Our Beans all LOVE to be in the bath and I hope that is in some way down to the fact that we made bathtimes #somuchmore than just a quick dip and a wash. I wanted my Beans to have a healthy association with water and so we have always sung songs, enjoyed soothing baby massage and played games when in the bath and 95% of the time baths are given just before bed to help give them the ‘sleep signals’ to make bedtime a little easier on us all. Bathtimes have always been a time of attention and affection, I remember each of my Bean’s looking into my eyes as I held them in the water. They would look as if to say to me “I trust you” and I could immediately feel our bond growing strong.

There was only one name that I reached for on the supermarket shelves when buying baby wash, Johnson’s, because it was a name that I have always associated with that newborn baby smell and because I know from their reputation that they are the best when it comes to protecting baby’s delicate skin. As the Beans have got older and a few sleep issues started to form we turned to Johnson’s Bedtime range and it has certainly made a difference, the relaxing aroma of Lavender is just what the Beans need to help settle them into a restful night’s sleep.


Johnson’s carried out some interesting research around baby bathtime and published this lovely video showing how special bathtimes are;

  • Parents in the UK bath their children for the longest amount of time (26 minutes) – the average bath takes 23 minutes, with the Philippines spending the least time washing their children (18 minutes)
  • 92% of mums in the UK say they are primarily responsible for bathing their children in their household
  • Babies bathed with a fragranced product displayed:
    • 30% more engagement cues with their parent after the bath
    • Nearly 25% less time crying before sleep
  • Playing with bubbles helps babies develop hand-eye coordination
  • Splashing helps teach babies cause and effect
  • Listening to bath time music can help stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory

What are your favourite memories of bathtime? How do you make bathtimes #somuchmore ? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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