Make a Difference: Because I am a girl

For the past 70 years Plan has worked with children in developing countries to ensure they enjoy basi29c human rights that many people take for granted. So we’re all too familiar cycle of poverty in the developing world and just how complex and big a problem it is. Yet we believe that there is a very simple solution. And it starts with girls.

As you may know, a girl born into one of the poorest regions of the world is one of the most disadvantaged people on the planet. But if you give girls access to a good education, it has a profound and proven effect. With education, a girl in the developing world will have higher self-esteem, gain essential life skills, will marry later and have healthier children. Her chances of getting AIDS and HIV will be significantly reduced and it is less likely that she will ever be affected by sexual harassment or human trafficking. What’s more, she will be able to pass on the benefit of her education to her children and the generation that follows. A simple solution to a complex problem, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a pretty compelling case. And yet, unbelievably 75 million girls are currently being denied access to an education, simply because they are girls.

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