• Strive Footwear

    Be good to your feet with Strive footwear

    A few weeks ago after dropping Jelly Bean at nursery I hopped into my car and made the short drive to Holbeach in search of Toto Shoes to pick up my first pair of Strive Sandals. Strive isn’t a name I had heard of before but it was certainly one which caught my attention. Over […]

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  • Spring fashion for men

    Styling my man . . . {Spring fashion for men}

    It’s so easy when shopping online to check out all the fashions for yourself but it can be fun to look at clothes for your other half and put together style boards. We have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us with a few dates on the horizon to look forward to so I […]

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  • Lyst

    What’s on your Lyst?

    Nope, that wasn’t a typo! I really did mean to write Lyst, it’s a great new shopping site that I have found which I just know will be a hit amongst the fashion conscious out there. Can you imagine walking into the biggest fashion store you have ever seen and saying, show me everything you […]

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  • #HotterShoes

    The Hotter VIP Treatment

    Last week Hotter Shoes stores across the UK held a special Hotter VIP Evening for their top customers and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend at the Queensgate store event in Peterborough. The event had been organised by Store Manager Danielle who had worked really hard to offer a great VIP experience […]

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  • Heat Holders

    Enjoy the outdoor life for longer with Heat Holders for Kids

    As a family we love nothing more than to get outdoors walking, exploring, scooting and geocaching but this recent drop in temperatures has been a pretty tough one to weather when you have small children. I always remember as a child that I hated wellington boots because they were always so cold. I was NOT […]

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  • Saltrock

    Saltrock Review and Discount Code

    As 2015 was gearing up for Christmas we received a rather lovely offer from Saltrock to review items from their website and being a fan of Saltrock we didn’t need to think twice about accepting. Having a quick look through the site I managed to select items for Hubby and the Beans. They arrived within […]

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