• Handling Children’s Behaviour

    This was a 13 week course so obviously I am not going to be able to put the whole course content on my site but I would like to give you a “taster” . . . When we become a parent, many people assume that you will automatically know and understand everything about children and […]

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  • Curly

    What will be your child’s future career?

    Whilst reading a magazine recently I saw an article which said a study by statistician Dr Geoff Ellis has suggested that your first-born is more likely than their siblings to become a rock star. It got me thinking about my children and what they might become when they are older. Curly’s Future Career So as […]

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  • The Final Countdown: a race to the finish! 1

    The Final Countdown: a race to the finish!

    Over the next 6-8 weeks my life is going to be changing dramatically and I’m hoping it will all happen in the “right” order! In 2-3 weeks we are due to move into our brand new house and I’m so excited. At the weekend we were finally able to set foot inside and see what […]

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  • Operation Baby to Big Girl has begun . .

    If you read my post yesterday How do we do it? then you will know that Hubby and I have basically let our 2yo daughter become a creature of habit with her milk bottles.  We have let her 7ish and 10.30pm bottles go on for far too long and been unsure how to stop them. […]

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  • How do we do it?

    I have a fear that our 2yo daughter, Little Bean, is a monster of our own making! Well not really a monster (though she can be sometimes) but what I’m actually talking about is her nightly bottle routine. Legaljuice.com To give you a bit of background, Little Bean was breastfed until 5 months, apart from […]

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  • It all comes flooding back . . . .

    Today my cousin gets married to the love of her life and yet I woke up excited!  Why?  I think it just brought all the memories flooding back of the morning that I woke up to marry my (now) husband. Surprisingly (or not) I don’t think I slept very well that night, I had hung […]

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