• Sneak Peek of Tesco’s ‘Family Magic’ Video

    This afternoon will see the first-time airing on the new ‘Family Magic‘ video from family favourite superstore Tesco. I have been given the privilege of sharing the video before it hits the screens so would love to know what you think? And for those who love a little peek behind the scenes . . . […]

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  • Oilatum

    Oilatum Daily Junior Cleansers Range and Skincare Kit

    Nothing beats the feeling of babysoft skin, I remember so well with each of my Beans stroking their tiny feet, legs and hands whilst breastfeeding, marvelling at how perfect their skin felt. Bit of an odd one, but I particularly loved their little little feet and knees because they hadn’t yet been toughened up from […]

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  • Fitness tracker

    Reasons why you need a fitness tracker

    Fitness trackers have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. This is partly down to more people becoming aware of the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Even people who exercise daily, but sit a lot, are at risk of health problems. They have been termed “active couch potatoes”. The gadgets are therefore […]

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  • Corby International Swimming Pool

    How do you encourage water confidence in children?

    On Sunday afternoon we took the Beans over to Corby International Swimming Pool after a recommendation from my friend Karin. The Beans had been nagging me for ages to take them swimming but I will hold my hands up and admit ‘I had been putting it off’. I’m not the biggest fan of swimming myself, […]

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