• Baby Kale

    ‘Lettuce’ get fit and fabulous in 2015!

    Please forgive me the super cheesy title but I just couldn’t resist!! Have you missed me? I haven’t blogged since before Christmas as I have given myself a well-earned break and coupled with that, the whole family have been completed knocked out by flu this festive season and we are still not over it completely. […]

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  • Feeling fruity

    Feeling fruity?

    Come on, own up, how many of you have clicked on this post hoping to find something a little naughty? Shame on you, this is a family blog don’t you know! It won’t have gone unnoticed on Mummy Matters about the fun and games we have had trying to get a balanced diet into Little […]

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  • Teaching the Beans about the origin of cereal 1

    Teaching the Beans about the origin of cereal

    Sometimes i have to admit my Beans and their neverending list of questions drive me potty, especially when i am flagging after a long day BUT then I remind myself of something a man said to me as I rolled my eyes at him when one of them asked me the umpteenth question that afternoon […]

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  • Busting the myths on bread . . . 2

    Busting the myths on bread . . .

    You all know that Hubby and I have been following a healthier way of eating in a bid to lose our post-baby weight. Yes that’s right, I did say ‘our’ as Hubby always comfort-ate along with me. One of the things which I cut out of my diet first when trying to lose weight was […]

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