• Health Goals

    Reaching my Health Goals in 2020 with Sundose #ad

    The nice thing about writing a blog and social media is being able to look back over old posts to see how you felt at a certain point in time.  As 2018 came to a close I was feeling pretty rubbish after fracturing my ankle which hindered my physical activity immensely.  I gained weight, lost […]

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  • Baby Brain

    How to Put Baby Brain Behind You

    Having a baby has a habit of turning your world on its head. While many of these changes are wonderful and life-affirming, there are also those that are a little harder to get to grips with, and baby brain is definitely one of them. Occurring during pregnancy and early motherhood, baby brain doesn’t afflict every […]

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  • Period poverty

    Why does Period Poverty still exist in 2019?

    The issue of Period Poverty has been picked up by many campaigners who are pushing to eradicate the financial barriers between girls and menstruation. In fact, according to Plan International UK, a dedicated children’s charity, one in every ten teenage girls will have experienced the problem of not being able to afford sanitary products. So, […]

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  • Healthy colourful food

    Want to build lean muscles? Eat this!

    Why do most people fail to achieve the desired shape despite all their efforts in the gym? Exercise can indeed help shape your body the way you want. But without the support of nutrients, your goal will seem like a distant dream. To build lean muscles, besides proper physical activity, you will need a good […]

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