• Microwave Ratatouille

    Microwave meals for families

    I often wonder what we did before the microwave oven came into our lives? They are just so flipping handy aren’t they?! Simon and I bought ourselves a microwave combi oven with some of our wedding gift vouchers and it lasted us for nearly 10 years before we had to change it, mind you it […]

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  • Top 3 Nutrition Apps for 2018

    In March 2018, Under Armour announced that over the month of February of this year, approximately one hundred and fifty million MyFitnessPal users had their accounts hacked into and their data stolen. Fortunately, the data captured by the hackers consisted only of the users’ names and email address. There were no claims according to which […]

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  • #OatyBites

    Healthy snacks courtesy of Jammie Dodgers #OatyBites

    Jammie Dodgers have been a staple ‘treat’ in my life since a very young age and I’m pleased to say that all of the Beans love them as much as I do, seriously who can resist their Jammie deliciousness?! Jammie Dodgers Oaty Bites Anyway, getting back to those Jammie Dodgers that we all know and […]

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  • Brita

    My favourite Detox Water Recipes #HealthGoals

    If you have been following my blog and social media accounts for a while you will have seen that this year I have been trying to focus my efforts on becoming a healthier version of me, I set myself a few #HealthGoals. Before having children I was a regular gym-goer and ate reasonably healthily but […]

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