• October Half Term 2013 – Monday 1

    October Half Term 2013 – Monday

    Today has been pretty much all about me and Little Bean spending time together. Beanie Boy was at pre-school and Jelly Bean has been catching up on sleep and crawling around our feet. Whilst it was ‘just us girls’ when Jelly Bean was sleeping we decided to do a spot of baking and trying out […]

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  • Fed up with soggy sandwiches?? 2

    Fed up with soggy sandwiches??

    I hated having a packed lunch when i was at school, everything just seemed warm and squashed and not how food should be. Recently Little Bean has been complaining that her sandwiches weren’t nice. When i asked her why she would say “they keep getting wet!”. That was when i realised there was a problem […]

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  • Easter Making, Baking and Crafts 3

    Easter Making, Baking and Crafts

    I love nothing better than spending an afternoon crafting with the tiddlers. I have always had a passion for crafting myself so I’m over the moon that they enjoy it too. I particularly love doing crafts for Easter because they usually involve chocolate and it’s an opportunity to get lots of lovely pastel spring colours […]

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  • Aunt Bessie

    Make baking with children easy!

    I can’t remember exactly when I first began baking with Curly and Little Bean, I guess I would need to delve through the archives of Mummy Matters to find that post. Baking with my children is something I have always loved doing because it reminds me of the fun that I used to have when […]

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