• Nanogen – Help for Postpartum Hair Loss

    After I gave birth to Little Bean I don’t recall that I lost much hair. I knew other Mums complained of hair loss and I had read about it in books but perhaps because it was summer and I was out and about so much I didn’t really notice. After the birth of Beanie Boy […]

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  • Tesco Blossom Range for the New or Expectant Mum

    Mother’s Day can sometimes be a tricky one for the expectant Mum or the newborn Mum but take it from one who has been there (twice) one thing which will always go down a storm is something which Mum can pamper herself with. Expectant and newborn Mums can often feel tired, unattractive and a like […]

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  • The Day Baby Was Born

    Last week you may remember that Beanie Boy and I headed down to London for a date with Tommee Tippee. Well now I want to share with you what we went to check out – The Day Baby Was Born. The Day Baby Was Born is a free digital storybook which you can create online […]

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  • Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro

    Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro – Group 2,3 Isofix Car Seat

    When choosing a car seat for your little ones it’s important to find one that most importantly is safe for your child but is also easy to fit because if it’s not fitted correctly then it won’t do it’s job as well as it should. Kiddy took this into consideration when they designed their car […]

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  • Greatvine to the rescue and tips for better behaviour 1

    Greatvine to the rescue and tips for better behaviour

    Do you remember before Xmas I wrote this post about a less than positive report I received from Little Bean’s preschool when I collected her and the following day I wrote this post because the situation got worse, not better? Well in my ‘hour’ of need, my blogging provided the relief that I needed. As […]

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