• Babymoon

    A babymoon – travelling when pregnant

    The recipe for a delightful babymoon that will imbue you with a sense of placidity requires a few simple components; these are sun, rest, a little luxury and a lot of pampering. With the essential ingredients noted, where to go with your bump? The answer is the Indian Ocean; renowned for its faultless beauty, idyllic […]

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  • Theraline to the rescue once again!! 1

    Theraline to the rescue once again!!

    I am certainly not new to the brand name Theraline, I have written about Theraline a number of times on Mummy Matters now because, well basically, they are a fantastic brand who have not only seen me comfortably through one pregnancy, but they cared for my little man once he was here and for the […]

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  • Black lace maternity dress

    Winter is coming and Mummy’s getting fat . . .

    Ok, ok so I know I’m not exactly getting fat but I’m definitely getting bigger as Jelly Bean continues to grow stronger inside my rather football shaped tummy. It’s funny how each pregnancy produces a different shape, with Little Bean I could definitely have said ‘fat’ I was huge!!! With Beanie Boy I didn’t put […]

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  • Review: Belvia Bra for maternity? 3

    Review: Belvia Bra for maternity?

    When it comes to being pregnant I can honestly say the worst part for me is bras for the rather enlarged bosoms that come part and parcel of pregnancy. I worked for many years at a high street retailer who was famous for their gorgeous underwear and I developed quite a penchant for undergarments and […]

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  • B Organic Skincare for the Mum-to-be 4

    B Organic Skincare for the Mum-to-be

    Growing up I always listened and took note when people commented on how young my Mum always looked and I would watch her myself, always taking good care of her skin. When I used to ask her she said that she took care of herself so that she would always look the best that she […]

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