• New school taster day disappointment 1

    New school taster day disappointment

    Yesterday I took Little Bean for her first taster session at the school she has been appointed for next September. Over the recent months since I found out that she didn’t get the school we were hoping for I tried to look to the positives and had started to feel better about it all, I […]

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  • “He looks like a nice boy!”

    As you saw from my post on Monday we found out that Little Bean didn’t get the preferred Primary School that we would have liked for her. It’s pretty much all I have been thinking about this week, should we appeal, shouldn’t we appeal, I know that she will fit in anywhere . . . […]

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  • School admissions: The news we didn’t want!

    So last week I posted that we would be finding out this week if Little Bean had been accepted for the out-of-area Primary School that we so desperately wanted for her. Last night we logged on to the system to receive our offer, I took one look at the screen saw the name of the […]

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