• Little Bean’s Learning Journey 1

    Little Bean’s Learning Journey

    As a parent is there anything more awe-inspiring than watching your children learn and develop? Hubby and I have both been so proud of how well Little Bean is doing at school, she is soaking up every piece of information that is given to her at school and is loving ‘words’ at the moment. She […]

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  • Little Bean’s First School Christmas Production . . . 2

    Little Bean’s First School Christmas Production . . .

    This afternoon a very proud Mummy, Daddy and Beanie Boy arrived early, yes me, EARLY to be sure to get a front row seat to watch Little Bean in her first school Christmas performance. We have been hearing the songs around the home, in the car, at the Grandparents and even just walking around the […]

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  • We should have named her Gretel 3

    We should have named her Gretel

    Last week Little Bean came home with her first official School Photo and I have to admit, I did give a little giggle when I saw it and then I slapped myself repeatedly about the head with an imaginary wet fish! Look at my poor Little Bean, she is smiling so beautifully and is such […]

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  • Well that’s rather annoying!

    As today’s school day draws to a close for Little Bean, she will have completed her first half term at Primary School and let me tell you, she is ready for this break. Most evenings when I collect her from school at the moment, she cries within half an hour of the school bell ringing. […]

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  • Little Bean’s first boyfriend! 4

    Little Bean’s first boyfriend!

    I remember when Little Bean was born that Hubby and I joked about how we would keep her locked up until she was 30 before letting her out into the big wide world and venturing into ‘first boyfriend’ territory.  Life with a daughter was definitely going to be different. Starting School When we made that […]

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  • Help!! School is ruining my daughter! 5

    Help!! School is ruining my daughter!

    I’ve heard people say it before but hadn’t really thought about it until recent weeks. Little Bean has nearly completed her first half-term at Primary School and I have to say, I don’t like what it has done to her. Before starting school she was a sweet-natured, loving little girl. Yes of course she had […]

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