• #BacktoSchool

    Back to school – are YOU ready? Plus STABILO giveway!!

    Everyone seems to worry about getting the kids ready for heading back to school. But what about us parents? It’s one thing having the children sorted with new uniforms and things, but school bells ringing also means an early alarm clock sounding off too…but don’t let back to school stress you out. Here you’ll find […]

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  • Starting school

    Albie’s First Day at School

    Since 2008 when Lillie was born my life has revolved around being at home with my children and yesterday, it all changed. At four and a half year’s old, Albie had his first day at school and it really couldn’t have come soon enough for my littlest man. Too excited to wait Unlike his big […]

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  • Iron-on Labels

    Back to School name labels are a breeze with Petit-Fernand

    When you are a parent to three school-age children there’s a lot of school uniform to get prepared for going ‘back to school’. I remember as a child watching my Mum patiently sewing name labels into my uniform (and hating them because they annoyed my skin where they touched). As I became a Mum myself […]

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  • Children

    The best teaching methods for your children

    Allegedly the best years of your life, school can often equate to the most stressful years of a parent’s existence, particularly when it comes to those first precious years spent establishing a sense of self and an academic routine. The chances are you’ve thought about your child’s education more than once since they were born, […]

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