• Mummy Matters

    When parenting goes wrong

    Today started off really well, I woke up feeling good and the children seemed to be in really good spirits. My cousin was coming to visit for the day and we were looking forward to going out for lunch and having a catch-up. The children were really excited when M came, they played nicely in […]

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  • There’s a lot on your Toddler’s plate! 4

    There’s a lot on your Toddler’s plate!

    Growing Up Milk Info research reveals what a toddler diet looks like…for an adult Growing Up Milk Info From 12 months old, our toddlers will change rapidly as they learn to walk, talk and master many of the skills needed for life. Growingupmilkinfo.com is a website to help parents find out more about toddler nutrition, […]

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  • What is your toddlers food typology?

    I don’t know about other parents but the one area of motherhood which causes me the most stress is food! Regular readers of my blog will know that I have always had problems with Little Bean’s eating habits. For those of you who have just started following Mummy Matters, I began weaning Little Bean at […]

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  • Breaking Point?

    And so the battle with Little Bean and food continues, but I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take.  I have probably bored most of my readers to death on the topic of “my daughter won’t eat” and I’ve had some lovely responses from parents who must be far stronger than […]

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  • What is ‘normal’?

    Today we took Little Bean back to the Hospital to see the Paediatrician again because we want to rule out that she might/might not be anaemic through iron deficiency.  I feel that she has a really poor diet as fruit and vegetables barely feature at all, and she eats very little fresh food at all, […]

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