• Tetra My First Aquarium Giveaway

    We are now three months into our new Tetra Aqua Explorer Aquarium and I am delighted to tell you that our fish are doing really well, we can actually see that a couple of them have grown already. The children used to argue over whose turn it was to feed the fish (because they all […]

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  • Scruffs Cool Mat

    Bramble’s cool with Scruffs Cool Mat

    You may recall when I first introduced you to Bramble that I had a nickname for him, Tim nice-but-dim? Well, the name has stuck because he hasn’t become any more intelligent since he has settled into home life. He is a lovely boy though and we love him dearly so I guess we wouldn’t have […]

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  • Family Pet

    Intestinal worms and how to protect your family

    We only need to look at the faces of our children as they snuggle up with Bramble or play chase with him to know that getting a dog was absolutely the right decision for our family. Having grown up with dogs myself and owning four dogs in adulthood, I know the pleasure and depth of […]

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  • Tetra Aqua Art Explorer

    Family fishkeeping with Tetra and why we love it

    It is a little over a month now since we set up our Tetra Aqua Art Explorer 30L aquarium and we are in agreement that our new fish have settled well. We still had two fish from our previous (very tiny) aquarium and initially, I worried that we might lose them in the move to […]

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  • Pets

    Choosing the right pet for your children

    We all know how children can get overly excited when the pets’ topic happens to pop by in any conversation. Most kids love animals, and they’ll do anything to own and care for a dog or a cat. But are these two the best type of pet for your children, or would you instead prefer […]

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  • Tetra Aquarium

    Setting up our Tetra AquaArt Explorer 30L Aquarium

    As a family, we have been keeping tropical fish for three to four years now but to date have only had a very small 8L aquarium. I wanted to be sure that the children would help to take good care of the fish before we dared to try something bigger and happy in the knowledge […]

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