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Let Pink Parcel make your period one to look forward to

Introducing Pink Parcel

Subscription boxes are become more popular as people look forward to receiving ‘happy post’ and what better time to receive such happy post than at that time of the month when you’re feeling less than happy. I first heard about Pink Parcel just before Christmas when they sent me my own box to review which is packed with the essentials as well as few little treats to lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself. Prices start from less than £11 per month and contains over £40 of femcare and beauty products;

  • Luxe curations of cult beauty brands
  • Herbal tea
  • Artisan chocolate
  • Seasonal surprises
  • Pads, tampons or a mix of both

Periods are never something that women can say we ‘look forward to’ it’s just a fact of life that we have to put up with. On the whole I consider myself to be very lucky in comparison to some of my friends, up until having the children my periods were always very light and only last 2-3 days maximum. Whilst friends suffered terribly with period pains and took to their beds, I kept quiet and thanked my lucky stars.

What’s in the box?

The Pink Parcel itself is actually a grey box with pretty pink writing. When you open it up you’ll see further smaller grey boxes with the words; For You, For Night, For Later and a little black drawstring bag with the words ‘For Now’ on it.

For You

This is a lovely selection of beauty gifts and treats. In the December box I received some Metallic Maggie Anne nail varnish, English Laundry purse spray, Pom Boutique Snowflake earrings, The Fudge Kitchen Orange Caramel Fudge, The Beauty Crop 3 Amigos Eyeshadow Trio, So Susan Mesmer-Eyes waterproof liquid eyeliner, Sanatio Natural Sweet Orange essential oil and a yummy Earl Grey tea bag to wind down.

For Night

When you place your order for your Pink Parcel subscription you are given the option of the type of Femcare products you need (including absorbency). I chose Always pads with wings as I find that my flow is at it’s lightest through the night so tampons are uncomfortable for me.

For Later

I chose a mix of tampons and pads, you can choose from Tampax, Lil-lets, Bodyform, Kotex and Always. Since having the children I sometimes find that tampons irritate me so I swap between tampons and pads throughout my period depending on how I am feeling. The Later box contains enough pads and tampons to see you comfortably through your period.

For Now

This is a handy little bag which is ideal to pop in your handbag to keep all your femcare products clean, safe and easy to find in a hurry. The bag contains enough pads and tampons to see you through a day out and then you can top it up with the For Later box as and when you need them.

Talking periods with Lillie

Since Christmas I had to have a chat with Lillie about periods, she hasn’t started yet and I suspect may be some way off starting. Lillie had begun to notice changes in her moods and some changes in her body so I decided that it was time to talk to her about periods. It was a chat that I was dreading but actually went really well. When William was very little I bought him the Usborne book ‘What is happening to me?‘ and found it to be so useful that I decided to buy the girls book when Lillie was born. Over time we have read parts of the book together and discussed different aspects as and when they arise. This was a lifesaver when it came to explaining periods to Lillie and definitely made the whole thing easier for me to explain and for her to understand.

Betty Box for girls

When I received my Pink Parcel I discovered they also do a Betty Box which is aimed at young girls and contains treats and femcare products specifically with them in mind. This is something which I will definitely consider when Lillie starts her periods.



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