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As kids fly for free this Summer, British Airways asks “Can your kids recognise UK’s biggest Cities on a map?”

The school holidays are nearing and its ‘books away’ for the majority of British children but should they spend the summer swotting up on their geography? In a recent poll – to celebrate kids flying for free with British Airways this summer – eight to 16 year olds failed to identify the biggest UK cities on a map.

British Airways
Free Flights

This summer the airline is offering free flights for children under 12 who travel with a full paying adult on journeys between Heathrow and Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Inverness, Belfast and the home of LEGO; Billund in Denmark.

Our Survey Says . . .

The study, which asked 1,000 adults and 1,000 children living across the UK to locate cities and landmarks around the country found:

  • 30% could not pin point the capital on a map
  • 64% did not know where Birmingham was
  • 57% of 14 to 16 year olds failing to identify the midland city


Almost half of those from Manchester couldn’t point out where London was, 42 per cent of Mancunians failed to locate their own home town on a map and astonishingly four per cent of Mancunians thought they lived in Scotland and not England.

West Country

It was a similar failing for those from the West Country with 4 out of 10 Bristolians unable to pick out their home city. Contrastingly, 77 per cent of Liverpudlian’s correctly identified their hometown on a map of the British Isles.

London and Home Counties

Worryingly, 71 per cent of youngsters from London and the Home Counties didn’t know where Leeds was, 62 per cent couldn’t work out where Newcastle was and more than half (54 per cent) failed to locate Manchester.

Across the country, nearly one in five youngsters could not point to Wales on a map, five per cent were confused where England was, 14 per cent failed to correctly identify Northern Ireland and one in 10 (9 per cent) couldn’t point out Scotland.

Hands up for Jersey

Perhaps surprisingly, the most identified place on the entire map was Jersey, with 89 per cent of those polled correctly pointing out the picture-perfect island.

London Knowledge

Unsurprisingly, as one of the most visited capitals in the world:

  • 82% of youngsters polled had visited London
  • 64% could identify Big Ben
  • 51% could point out Tower Bridge
  • 93% knew The Queen resided at Buckingham Palace

Iconic Landmarks

When shown pictures of iconic landmarks:

  • 30% of children knew the Angel of the North was located in Newcastle
  • 20% couldn’t locate the county the Eden project was in
  • 9% thought John O’Groats was one of the Hairy Bikers
  • 15% believed the geographical landmark of Cheddar Gorge was a strong cheese

Britons fared better in history however, with almost all youngsters (90 per cent) able to pin point pre-historic Stonehenge on the map.

We’re (nearly) all going on a Summer Holiday!

Nearly four out of five parents (79 per cent) polled said they were ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ going on holiday this year. A significant 7 out of 10 said they wished their children could see more of the UK and its landmarks, but 71 per cent said money was the main thing stopping them from showing their children more of their home nation.

Adam Daniels, British Airways’ chief commercial officer, said: “Saving every penny counts when it comes to family holidays so flying kids for free will make it cheaper to fly away for fun and see more of the UK this summer.

“With so many fantastic tourist attractions and activities for kids across Britain, the offer also looks set to give UK tourism a boost by encouraging families to visit London, the North, Scotland and Northern Ireland for their holidays.” 

Malcolm Roughead, VisitScotland Chief Executive, said: “Whether its hunting for Nessie in the Highlands or soaking up the excitement of the Edinburgh Festival, there are plenty of enthralling events and outstanding attractions to make a family trip to Scotland an unforgettable experience. In the current economic climate, many parents are looking for cost effective ways in which to make holiday memories that will last a lifetime. This fantastic new offer from British Airways will make it easier for families to visit some of our most beautiful cities and landscapes and explore everything they have to offer.“

The partnership means up to two children can fly for free when travelling with an adult even during the school holidays. It can be used on Euro Traveller tickets booked until October 1 for travel until October 31, 2017.

Thousands of parents have already claimed the offer with the most popular route being Belfast, followed by Edinburgh, then Newcastle. Find out more and book online at ba.com/kids-fly-free.



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