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Kellogg’s Mini Max kick-starts the day

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day, although these days it tends to be more like brunch. Before children if I didn’t eat by 8am I would feel nauseous but since the children have come along my routine has changed in a morning and sometimes I don’t eat until after I have taken Little Bean to pre-school.


In recent weeks I have been testing the new Kellogg’s Mini Max, crunchy parcels of baked wholegrain wheat which are available in Original Sugar topping or Chocolate. They are high in fibre and low in salt which means they are great for getting the whole family off to a good start. Wholegrain Wheat contains the most potent concentrations of the vitamins and minerals which are essential to our health.


The only person in the family who hasn’t enjoyed Kellogg’s Mini Max has been Little Bean but that’s hardly surprising, I’m going to get the Chocolate ones next because I’m 99% sure she’ll love those. Kellogg’s Mini Max might be small but a little goes a long way and it keeps away my hunger until lunch time. This is one cereal that will definitely be a regular on my shopping list!

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