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Justin’s Funny Faces Sticker Book

Justin's Funny Faces

I don’t quite recall when it happened if I’m honest, but at some point Justin Fletcher crept into my life and how feels like part of the family, for Beanie Boy “Justin” was one of his first words!! I think he must be about 159 years old by now (Justin, not Beanie Boy) as he seems to have been entertaining children for generations but whatever he is doing, he is doing it right because children just cannot get enough of him. So imagine what would happen if you mix Justin Fletcher with Stickers? Two of my children’s favourite things EVER, all in one place. You’d have extreme exhilaration that’s what!

This week (Thursday 4th October) sees the launch of Justin’s Funny Faces Sticker Book which is a Sticker Activity Book full of blank faces ready for the children to get creative with. I gave Little Bean the book to take with her to the barbers with Daddy at the weekend. She always insists on going with him, then complains that she is bored when she gets there so this time I sent Daddy armed with Justin’s help and he said he almost forgot she was there, she was THAT quiet!! The book contains two full sheets of reusable stickers so they can create and remake faces time and time again.

Priced at only £3.99 and aimed at 3years+ I think this will be flying off the shelves faster than you can shout “Mr Tumble!!!!!”

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