Just like Scooby Doo!

I have just read a post over at Mummy. . . Mummy . . . Mum! which has reminded me of a conversation I had with Little Bean a few weeks ago whilst out in the car so I’ve had to dash back here and share it with you before I forget again . . .

Do you sing along to music when you’re in the car? I do, in fact sometimes I do it without realising as Super Amazing Mum will recall from our taxi ride in Berlin! I would never get up and sing at a Karaoke yet in the car and around the house (providing only the kids or Hubby are around) I will sing to my heart’s content. When Little Bean was two years old she would tell me to “please stop singing Mummy” but I ignored her and carried on. How at the age of three, she is starting to join in with me. She has almost got the words to Winnie The Pooh to a ‘t’ she just needs to speed up a bit.

But i digress! A couple of weeks ago whilst out in the car a song came on the radio called ‘Heaven’, it’s a dance tune but I can’t remember who sings it? I think its a girl called Emily but I could be totally wrong! Anyway, the song is playing and I’m singing along when Little Bean launches into conversation . . .

LB: Mummy, what is she saying?

Me: I think she’s saying “then I go” but I could be wrong.

LB: Quiet for a few moments contemplating what I had told her then – No Mummy, she’s saying “den er ker”

Me: Really? I don’t think she is sweetheart, I’m sure it’s something like “then I go”.

LB: Annoyed – NO Mummy! She’s saying “den er ker” see – then she sings along in the appropriate places

Me: OK sweetheart, if you say so.

LB: It is “den er ker” Mummy because its just like in Scooby Doo!


EH!?!?!?! She’s totally lost me now!!

Just like Scooby Doo! 1


  • Sarah

    September 10 at 10:32 am

    Hahahaha, one of my friends at work was telling me her daughter who is almost 4 told the HV she likes singing and her favourite is the bugger song!!!! A few days later the song came on the radio and her daughter shouted “Mum this is the bugger song!” Can you guess what it is……..”I would catch a grenade bugger” and now when I hear that song I just hear bugger lol!!!

    1. mummymatters

      September 12 at 1:07 pm

      Hey I remember you, didn’t you used to be around the blogosphere about a year ago? 🙂 You do realise that is all I keep hearing now I’ve read that comment – thanks!

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