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Last Friday I took delivery of two large boxes of food which will be my every meal for the next four weeks (although I was to provide the fresh food, fruit, vegetables, salad, milk etc). I was lucky enough to be selected to trial a diet programme in return for blog posts on my experience. Three days prior to receiving my food I had my initial consultation with a Jenny Craig representative who wanted to build up my profile and find out a little bit more about me and why I wanted to diet. He was really friendly, yet professional and made me feel excited about the adventure I was about to embark on.

The Jenny Craig Programme is a Weight Management programme designed to help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Initially the focus is food and the right portion sizes, then slowly increasing your physical activity and finally you will talk weekly with your Jenny Craig Coach to help you make the right decisions whether that be eating at home or eating out. They are there to support you and help you to succeed.

On Friday morning I received a text message to tell me that I would be receiving my parcels between 10.30am and 11.30am and which courier would be delivering it. This made a nice change because I hate it when you’re expecting a delivery and can’t make arrangements for the whole day.


This is what was in my parcels – everything was colour coded so it was easy to pick what I should be eating from the Meal Planner. Yellow for breakfast, green for lunch and red for dinner and everything else is for afternoon snacks.

At first glance there are some tasty looking meals and I immediately want to crack open some of the potato snacks and cereals bars but that’s not the way it works, I have a plan to follow!!

On Saturday morning I received a phone call from Alex, who is my Personal Consultant. He was friendly, easy to talk to and full of positive energy but not in a fake way, I can’t stand fake people. Alex was honest and knew that it would be difficult in the first few days. There is even a section on my meal planner where I can write what unplanned foods I have eaten, Alex urged me to be truthful.

Once I had put the phone down I decided there was no time like the present to get started and I opened my first pack of breakfast cereal, muesli with hazelnuts and raisins. Honestly, I felt like I had been cheated, I had obviously been given child’s portions but no this isn’t just about healthy eating, its about healthy portions too. Personally, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and so I have a full bowl of cereal (about 6 of these packs to be precise!) but I had agreed to the diet and I had my reasons. Since having my two children I have struggled to lose the final stone to get me back to my pre-pregnancy weight and this was my chance to be happy with myself once again. It is my birthday in May and so I want to be able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans in time for my birthday – I have a goal!!!

The muesli was actually really nice and upon checking the planner I was also allowed to have a piece of fruit – phew! I had a banana and a mug of mint tea. I didn’t feel too bad, though some biscuits with my tea would have gone down a treat. Mid-morning I was able to have a low-fat yoghurt (not provided by Jenny Craig). My lunch I WAS STARVING but whereas I would normally only have a sandwich my meal was Bacon and Mushroom Risotto and was surprisingly filling. I was also able to have salad with my meal. Mid-afternoon I had a snack of Paprika Potato Snacks which were delicious and not a small bag either, then for tea I had Chickpea Tagine where I was able to add one portion of protein and 1 portion of fat (e.g. 1/4cup grated cheddar) and a minimum of 1 cup of vegetables. Normally that would be it for me food-wise, unless I was feeling naughty and snuck in a chocolate bar but I was able to have another piece of fruit, which I actually did want but Jenny Craig encourages you to eat everything on your plan because everything has been planned to give you a specific amount of calories each day (1200 for me).

I am now almost one week into my eating plan and so far I’m amazed that I have pretty much stuck to the plan, although there are some meals which I just don’t fancy (Tuna salad being one) but that’s fine too because in the folder supplied with the meals there is a chart which tells you what you can substitute for if you don’t like something on the planner. I’m not very good at eating new foods, and being extremely weird I don’t like my foods to be mixed up (I know what you’re thinking, where does Little Bean get it from). If I eat a Roast dinner I will eat all of my sprouts, followed by all of my carrots etc etc until its all gone.

At almost one week in I sneakily jumped on the scales (for the purposes of this post of course!) and was stunned to see that already I had lost 5lb. Stay tuned to Mummy Matters and pop back next week to find out how I’m doing two weeks in . . . .

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