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Jenny Craig – I’m doing good!

I am now almost three weeks into the Jenny Craig programme and things are going well.  In the first week I lost 8lbs!!!!  I was amazed to say the least but I had been a good girl and pretty much stuck to the programme.  There were a couple of the meals that I didn’t really enjoy, namely the Tuna Salads and Salmon Salad but the rest of the meals I really enjoyed.

image What the Jenny Craig programme has done for me so far, other than helping me to lose more weight than I could imagine possible in the space of a week is to introduce me to new foods.  I have always stuck to the same old meals that I’m comfortable with, rarely trying anything new.  But over the past week I have eaten foods I would normally have turned my nose up at, and I’ve enjoyed them!!

Last week Hubby and I had our first night out together since Beanie Boy was born.  We went out for a meal to Ask in Stamford and when I told my Consultant that we were planning a meal out, he was able to look up their menu online and tell me what menu choices would be best for me to be able to stick to my plan.  I was still able to have a starter and a main course but no dessert (booo!) but regardless, I had a lovely evening out with my Hubs and a lovely meal to boot.

This week my weight loss was only 1.2lbs but I’m only 4.8lbs off my goal weight so I haven’t got far to go.  My consultant explained that I shouldn’t be disappointed with my loss this week, I’d had a fabulous week on the first week and it is usual to lose a large amount in the first week as you are shedding excess stored water, after the initial loss your body then has to start burning the excess fat and so the weight loss should only be 1 or 2lbs per week.

Come back next week to see how I’m doing . . . .

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