Jelly Bean's routine has me stumped! 1

Jelly Bean’s routine has me stumped!

Jelly Bean

Meet Jelly Bean, one of the happiest, cutest, cheekiest little boys you could ever wish to meet – he is adorable!! Yes I know, I’m his Mummy so I’m bound to say that but honestly, he steals the hearts of anyone who comes within a few feet of him. His smile is infectious and he gives it so freely right from the moment that he opens his eyes in the morning to when he closes them at night, he even smiles whilst he’s sleeping. He talks, sings, shouts out loud and gets so excited rolls around on the floor with his toys.

Do you feet a but coming yet? Well, here it is . . . BUT I can’t seem to get him into a routine and he has me stumped! Little Bean and Beanie Boy were so simple they both just went straight into routines of their own accord and would sleep for 2 hours each morning, 2 hours each afternoon and still go to bed at 7/7.30pm in the evening without any fuss. Jelly Bean is a completely different story though, one day he will sleep the whole day, the next maybe an hour here or there and the next be awake for the whole day with one 20 minute nap???? I try putting him down at the same time each day or ‘on his signal’ but sometimes those signals just don’t come. My only saving grace is that even on the days that he is awake all day, he is still the same little happy chappy!!

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