It’s Sun Awareness Week – so where’s the sun?

Yes ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, this week is Sun Awareness Week!! I’m so sure that the sun is actually aware of this point as it seems to have gone into hiding in my neck of the woods. Actually, I tell a lie, Monday was quite a nice day but I think perhaps that was just a one-off.

Ever the optimist, I like to think that the summer will be belter this year and we will all be outside enjoying the warm weather, wearing our summer wardrobe and stoking up the BBQ’s. That said, there is one element of the summer sun which us Brits seem to be a little lacking on and that is protecting ourselves and our families against the perils of the sun. We get so excited when we finally do see it, we throw caution to the wind, get out and about and only remember when we get home looking somewhat like a red and white striped bumble bee that, yes, we forgot to cover up!!! How often do we see people stood in the queues at the shops, on the railway platforms or more often at the Chemists with angry red sunburn? It is a common sight in the UK and when abroad, it is sadly us Brits who are still the usual glowing red suspects. All other nationalities really do seem to have it sussed when it comes to the sunshine, the moment the sun peeks from the clouds they are slapping on the sun lotion and wearing appropriate clothing, you won’t see them looking like peeled plum tomato!!

So to help you to help yourself and your little ones I wanted to share with you a couple of fab products which can keep you protected on all those sunny days which are soon to be upon us . . .

Keep Little ones safe in the sun with Cuddlrey’s SPF 50+ Poncho Towels

Toddlers can play safely in the sun this summer with these adorable sea creature inspired SPF50+ Poncho Towels from Cuddledry.

The first of their kind in the UK, the towels use patented Rayosan™ technology which acts like a mirror, deflecting the harmful UVA and UVB rays off the towel, instead of passing through the fabric and harming a baby’s delicate skin.

“This remarkable technology comes from Australia, where extensive research has been done on the dangers of skin cancer. Given the forecast for a hot summer this year and climbing annual temperatures, we wanted to bring the same protection to the UK,” explains Helen Wooldridge, co-founder of Cuddledry.

The poncho has handy poppers under the arms which can be done up to create a loose ‘sleeve’ when worn, to keep the towel in place and make it comfortable for its little wearer. They are really easy to put on and take off, a perfect ‘throw on’ towel or cover up for swimming, beach, playtime or bathtime.

The aqua towel features a cute dolphin design, embroidered onto the front, and cotton edging in deep turquoise.

The lilac towel features a stylish Angelfish design, embroidered onto the front, and cotton edging in cherry.

£27.99 available from

. . . . and if the sunshine doesn’t show his face you could always use it to dry them off after being out in the rain!! Every cloud has a silver lining and all that!


Say yes to a safe tan, come rain or shine

Get your skin summer-ready whatever the weather


It doesn’t matter what the weather forecast, we women want our skin to look and feel good whilst staying protected. This week is Sun Awareness Week (30th April – 6th May), and our Suncare Expert, Claire O’Connor, is providing her tips for safe tanning whether it’s a parasol or brolly you’re sheltering under, so you can embrace those feel good moments and get glowing.


Raining cats and dogs

“Be the envy of your friends when it’s raining! Sunless tanning is a great way to achieve a golden glow and is suitable for all seasons. Try our fabulous new Bronzing Lotion from Soltan, it provides natural even colour in an instant and is transfer resistant.”

image New Soltan Beautiful Bronze Wash Off Instant Bronzing Lotion, a moisturising bronzing lotion to enhance skin tone and cover imperfections, leaving you with a perfect rich, deep tan instantly. Available in either light/medium or medium/dark. £3.99, was £5.99.



Cloudy with a chance of showers

“The sun is still shining behind those clouds and some peeps through! It’s important to use an SPF whatever the weather, particularly on those areas not covered up by clothing, like your face, hands, décolletage and the tips of your ears.”

image Soltan Once Face 8 Hour Sun Protection Moisturising Suncare Cream

Just one application of this facial suncream will give 8 hours protection*, with a water resistance and ultra UV-ageing defence formula. £5.49, was £10.99.



Dry and bright

“When your family are out enjoying a sunny bright day, even if there’s a chill in the air, make sure the kids are prepped and sun-safe. You need to protect your children’s skin on dry and bright days, even when it’s cold. With our clever 8 hour product apply in the morning and you can rest assured they’re safe.”

image New Soltan Once Kids 8 Hour Play SPF 50, leaves your children protected for up to 8 hours with the maximum 5-star UVA protection*, now £7.99, was £15.99.



Heat wave! It’s going to be a scorcher

“When the hot weather and sunshine finally arrive use our fantastic new Protect & Tan from Soltan which includes an ingredient that helps stimulate your body’s natural tanning, so you can achieve a golden glow even if the weather only lasts the weekend!”

image New Soltan Protect & Tan SPF 15, an ultra-light texture suncare lotion which supports the skin’s natural tanning for a healthy, radiant glow without the damaging effects of sun burn. £6.49, was £12.99.



Selected Soltan suncare now half price until the 12th June

Suncare experts at Soltan have created great value suncare innovations for 2012 and for a limited time only they are half price.


Soltan products are formulated with SPF and unbeatable 5-star UVA protection to help protect you from long term sun damage and burning whilst feeling your radiant best and in the mood for longer, sunnier days. Visit: Boots/soltan for further information.


Plus selected Soltan Beautiful Bronze save 1/3rd until 15th May


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