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Infantino Flip Baby Carrier

Before I became a Mum I instinctively knew I wanted to give “baby-wearing” a go, I liked the idea of having my baby close to me and I also thought it would be a more convenient method of transporting baby in the early months.  With Little Bean I used three types of baby carrier as her size and our needs changed (I also just liked buying new baby carriers, I’m a bit of a collector!).

When Beanie Boy came along I went back to my old sling which had served me well with Little Bean but Beanie Boy was a different baby altogether.  He has grown far quicker than Little Bean ever did and I quickly found my sling to be unsuitable for him and me.  I needed something more supportive for both of us so when I was asked if I would like to review a baby carrier from Infantino’s collection I chose the “Flip”, an award winning baby carrier which can be used as a front carrier or as a backpack.

Burghley 210111 008I began using the carrier when Beanie Boy was just 6 weeks old and found that it supported him very well, so well, he fell asleep within minutes of being put into it thanks to the padded head and back support which hugged him close to me.  The adjustable straps are contoured and padded for comfort and it has an adjustable padded lumbar support which I love as it helps to spread baby’s weight.  It is made from a washable, wipeable fabric which is especially good for my little man who has bad reflux and isn’t too choosy about where he spits up.  The carrier body is made from special BreatheFreshTM fabric which helps to keep you and baby cool and comfortable.  There is also a little pocket on the front of the carrier, just big enough to store bank cards, coins or a small set of keys to keep you totally hands-free.

The Flip is so versatile, you can have baby riding outwards to see the world or parent facing when sleeping.  As baby grows and is better able to support themselves you can wear the Flip as a backpack.  It is funky enough to be worn by Mums or Dads and comes with a double-sided Wonder Cover bib which attaches to the carrier to protect from baby’s dribbles and spit ups whilst at the same time adding style.  The Wonder Cover comes in a choice of colours.

I have enjoyed using this carrier so much I have now passed on my entire collection of baby carriers to other Mums because I know that this carrier suits all my needs.

The Flip can be used with a baby weighing 8-32lbs or 3.6–14.5kgs.

For more information on the collection and other products from Infantino visit their site here.

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