The importance of child safety 1

The importance of child safety

You can’t wrap your children up in cotton wool, they would never get to enjoy themselves and have fun but that doesn’t mean that you want to see them get hurt, far from it. From the moment our children are born we look out for the dangers in everything and do our best to keep them safe but naturally accidents will happen from time to time.

So far I have had two A&E visits with Little Bean due to accidents. The first was when she was playing on climbing frames at Drayton Manor Park and her foot slipped resulting in her landing heavily astride the metal rung of the ladder and making her Nuni bleed. The second time was more recent when she picked up Jelly Bean and he flung his head back straight onto her nose, splitting her nose across the bridge. She still has the scar from it today. Neither of those accidents could have been prevented but many everyday accidents can be easily prevented.

On our last visit to A&E I witnessed a 3 year old girl being brought in by her parents after she had been on the family trampoline with her older sister. They had both landed on the trampoline at the same time and the result was that the 3 year old girl had compound fractures in her leg where she had jumped hard on the trampoline when it was taught. Since that day we have had a new rule for our trampoline where only only child is allowed on at a time. When I spoke to a nurse in A&E she said that the majority of the children who they see coming in are injured as a result of trampolining accidents and it all happens in a split second. Beanie Boy didn’t do up the zip on the enclosure one day and bounced straight out, landing on his back in the middle of the garden – luckily for him he was just winded but it could have been so much worse!

How Safe is Your Home Top

This week is actually Child Safety Week which runs from 23rd to 29th June and so to raise awareness and gain some insight into peoples home, Betta Living are running a campaign and have created a kitchen hazard awareness test which might just flag up areas of safety which you hadn’t considered for safety.

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