Iiiiiiiiit’s Britmums Live time!!!!!

After months of anticipation the weekend is almost upon us when I, along with a few hundred other Bloggers, will be descending upon London to attend a weekend of blogging workshops, catching up with friends, eating cake and generally have a good time.

See you at BritMums Live! 2012 

I would like to thank Fisher Price for allowing this Cinderella to go to the ball as they are my sponsor for the event and I shall be happy to talk to anyone and everyone about what a fabulous brand they are. Fisher Price have been in my life since the moment I was born and I have now passed them down to my own children (yes even some of my own toys – how’s that for good quality?!). Fisher Price’s motto is “Joy of Learning” which couldn’t be more apt as I head off to Britmums Live tomorrow, I really LOVE blogging, I love the opportunity to express myself, to use my grey matter and keep my brain ticking over, I love the opportunity to be creative, to meet new people, face new challenges and enjoy new experiences, at Britmums Live I am really hoping that I will continue to learn about my blogging journey (as well as eating cake and catching up with friends). What are you hoping to get out of Britmums Live?

Fisher Price

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