I love the internet . . .

Do you remember a world before the internet? It’s been around for so long now it feels like it has always been here doesn’t it, like it is now a member of the family, that ‘go-to’ place whenever you need something. Obviously I write my blog, which is like a fourth child to me and whilst I could just write a paper diary if I wanted to, I don’t think it would look as pretty, I don’t think I would write as much as I do and I certainly wouldn’t be able to pass it around to everyone to read and therefore I wouldn’t get the support which I so often need.

Time and money The internet saves us time to actually get out and live our lives, to spend time with our families and loved ones. It enables us to do fun things because we can see so much more of what is available out there to do. Before the internet if we wanted a day out, it would have to go on word of mouth or adverts on the television, in newspapers and on the radio. Now if we are going out for the day we just type into the search engine where we want to go and hey presto, a list appears before our eyes of the places available to us.

One of the best things about the internet is how much money we can save on our purchases. Every time I need to make a purchase I will research it online first, where else can I have access to so many different stores and providers at the touch of a button. Take my Car Insurance for instance. Before the age of the internet I would dread having to renew my car insurance, I would start by finding all the telephone numbers of the car insurance providers I could think of, then write off a day in my diary to just sit calling one company after another to get quotes until I found the best price for the best insurance. These days life couldn’t be more simple, I search for my car insurance quotes online and then sit back and let the search engine do all of the legwork so that I don’t have to. Not only does this method save me time but it saves me money too. I can see at a glance which companies are offering the best price and the best cover. Then if I can’t make a decision I can compare the quotes to see which one is going to provide me with exactly what I am looking for before making the final decision.

The really good thing about making the savings online is that I don’t feel so bad about treating myself to the odd little luxury here and there, new shoes anyone?

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