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Hubby’s is smaller but i’m not complaining!

I bet I know what you were thinking, you dirty minded monkey you! I was talking about his laptop – honestly!!! 


Regular readers will already be aware that I’ve been having laptop issues over the past week as mine decided that enough was enough and so I’ve been left high and dry with only my ipod to enable me to still see some of the outside world through the internet.

For the time being my Husband has come to the rescue and loaned me his work laptop which is fab but dare I say, a little on the small side? My laptop had a 17″ screen but Hubby’s is only 15″ and, ahem, its surprising the difference a couple of inches can make. My blog kind of looks a little more “cute” on this screen but my eyes are taking some adjusting. Its surprising what you get used to in the way of technology, sometimes you just don’t realise how lucky you are. I’ve been struggling with lack of internet since I gave up my internet package on my mobile phone to save money, I didn’t think I would miss it but I really do. Its not even as though I’m constantly on the internet because I’m not, but just knowing that its there was a comforting feeling. If I wasn’t sure where I was going in the car, I could just pop the address into the sat nav on my phone and hey presto, I’m there! Wanting to find out if I’m about to pay too much for something when out shopping, no worries just hop onto the internet for some on the spot research.

However, I’m so happy to be back online again until I can decide what to do about a laptop for myself, my Hubby is simply ‘wonderful’ he has rescued me, his damsel in distress and for that I’m very grateful. I’m sure that I will get used to the small screen in a couple of days but for now, I’m back!!

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