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How do they know?


Some of you may already be aware of the fun and games I have in getting Baby Bean to eat, lets face it I’ve complained about it enough! Well I have to say that VERY slowly she IS getting there, in the last week she has started to eat bread and croissants – not just biting them I may add, she actually bites them, chews them and SWALLOWS them!!!! Hooray!!!! I know we still have a long way to go but hey, she’s half way up Mount Kilimanjaro as far as I’m concerned – Mummy is happy! Sort of . . . .

There is still one little thing that bugs me though – how do babies know when they have reached the last spoonful (when they can’t see in the bowl) and refuse it? I don’t sing “here’s the last one” or anything like that but she must have a mechanism within her brain or perhaps she counts the spoons (she is very clever!!) and knows that the next spoon to reach her mouth is the last one and therefore she isn’t going to eat it? Or perhaps she is soooo sensitive to taste that by the time she reaches the last spoonful it has been tainted by the air and tastes somewhat different??? I DON’T GET IT! But she honestly does this EVERY time – and not just with spoonfed food, she is exactly the same with her bottles of milk – I can’t remember the last time she drank a whole bottle of milk. It’s as though there is a trigger on the bottle to let her know that there is 1oz left because she always leaves exactly 1oz, no more, no less!? Children are funny little creatures, they constantly have you guessing – there is never a dull moment that’s for sure!

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