• Playroom

    Room for change?!

    We have been living in our house for 2 years now and there is one room, in particular, that has never really worked and that’s our dining room. When we planned each room there were two rooms left downstairs, one which is designed to be a study and the other larger room as the dining […]

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  • Mattress with teddy bear

    A good nights sleep, please?

    I like to sleep. No, I LOVE a good nights sleep! Before children, it was not unusual for me to sleep until lunchtime at a weekend, although to be fair I probably hadn’t actually gone to sleep until the early hours of the morning. When I became a parent the lack of sleep didn’t bother […]

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  • Mira Bathroom Makeover

    Our Mira Bathroom Makeover

    When we were in the design stages of our new house nearly 3 years ago we in our infinite wisdom decided that we would be fine with just a bath in the master bathroom for the children and a shower in the en-suite for us. We didn’t really think about what would happen when guests […]

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  • Allergy Week: Get a good night’s sleep with Sealy 2

    Allergy Week: Get a good night’s sleep with Sealy

    Sleep is a pretty important thing really, without sleep we lose the ability to function properly, our energy levels drop and we become more susceptible to illness. The same can be said for our children too, you wouldn’t let your children wear ill-fitting shoes would you? So why would you allow your child (or yourself) […]

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  • Smeg’s Symphony SY62MX8

    Your guide to family-friendly ovens

    Every family needs an oven; they are an absolute must. However, they aren’t exactly cheap, especially if you want one that offers easy-cleaning, top-notch cooking facilities and happens to look pretty good too. However, affordable, value-packed ovens do exist. In fact, there are many to pick from, perhaps too many which can lead to wrong […]

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