• Bathroom tiles

    Quick tips for a beautiful bathroom

    After a long and busy day, what’s better than unwinding in a bubbly tub surrounded by twinkly candles? So the last thing you want is a bathroom cluttered with kids toys and bottles galore, which completely ruin that tranquil time you had planned. These tips should help you keep that bathroom organised and functional but […]

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  • Viakal

    Start your spring cleaning with Viakal . . .

    Do you dream of owning a bathroom like the ones in those glittery boutique hotels? I do! When we first bought our house one thing I was really looking forward to was having a brand new bathroom that hadn’t already been ruined by years of limescale from other people. I had these grand visions of […]

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  • Andrex Caring Christmas Hamper Giveaway 1

    Andrex Caring Christmas Hamper Giveaway

    Brits will spend £396 million preparing their bathrooms for Christmas Sales of Andrex® increase by 15% in the lead up as shoppers ‘trade up’ their toilet tissue Christmas is the time of year when houses across the country get a festive makeover, but our focus isn’t entirely on dressing the rooms we use for entertaining. […]

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  • Galt Magic Bath Puzzles 2

    Galt Magic Bath Puzzles

    Sometimes it can be hard to know what to buy for a two year old, they are too old for most of the ‘baby’ toys but they haven’t quite grasped some of the older toys that their siblings and peers play with. There is one place that most two year olds love to spend time, […]

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  • Mira Bathroom Makeover

    Our Mira Bathroom Makeover

    When we were in the design stages of our new house nearly 3 years ago we in our infinite wisdom decided that we would be fine with just a bath in the master bathroom for the children and a shower in the en-suite for us. We didn’t really think about what would happen when guests […]

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