• British Gas Smart Meters

    In life, there are good and bad surprises. I like good surprises, Hubby coming home with a bunch of flowers (hint hint) or a special night out. I don’t like bad surprises like hefty energy bills that eat up all your savings. It’s easily done during winter as the nights draw in, lights come on […]

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  • Foodies Christmas Gifts 2

    Foodies Christmas Gifts

    Once upon a time I would have laughed at the thought of calling myself a ‘foodie’ but slowly over time I have actually begun to enjoy food and food preparation. Baking has always been my biggest passion but with the help of some great cookbooks and some REALLY great appliances I’m really being to enjoy […]

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  • Galt Magic Bath Puzzles 5

    Galt Magic Bath Puzzles

    Sometimes it can be hard to know what to buy for a two year old, they are too old for most of the ‘baby’ toys but they haven’t quite grasped some of the older toys that their siblings and peers play with. There is one place that most two year olds love to spend time, […]

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  • Playroom

    Room for change?!

    We have been living in our house for 2 years now and there is one room, in particular, that has never really worked and that’s our dining room. When we planned each room there were two rooms left downstairs, one which is designed to be a study and the other larger room as the dining […]

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