• What a good smile says about your child 1

    What a good smile says about your child

    You may not know it but around 80% of all communication is actually non-verbal. Body language, eye contact, smile; all of these things say much more about us as a person than any sentence we can string together. The smile is the most recognised gesture in the body’s non-verbal arsenal and is the key to […]

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  • Review: Samsung Techwin Baby Monitor 2

    Review: Samsung Techwin Baby Monitor

    Samsung Techwin released two new baby monitors to its growing range of security products, the SEW-3036W and the SEW-3037W. Both monitors are sleek in design and feature a super-bright, colour VGA resolution screen (640×480) 3.5 inch wireless LCD video monitor and a separate compact wireless camera.

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  • Review: gNappies eco-friendly nappies 3

    Review: gNappies eco-friendly nappies

    Cloth nappies have come a long way from the terry towelling cloths and rubber pants of days gone by. I still remember these from when my cousins were young and you had to avoid sticking the safety pin in their tummy or your finger as you tried to secure the nappy in place and then […]

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  • Looking after your gums when pregnant . . . 4

    Looking after your gums when pregnant . . .

    A common complaint of pregnancy is bleeding gums, I know, pregnancy is full of the fun stuff! Just add it to the list of morning sickness, constipation, piles and varicose veins. Pregnancy gingivitis occurs because of the hormonal changes which make the gums extra sensitive to bacteria present in plaque. When it comes to bleeding […]

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  • British Gas Smart Meters

    In life, there are good and bad surprises. I like good surprises, Hubby coming home with a bunch of flowers (hint hint) or a special night out. I don’t like bad surprises like hefty energy bills that eat up all your savings. It’s easily done during winter as the nights draw in, lights come on […]

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