• October Half Term 2013 – Tuesday 1

    October Half Term 2013 – Tuesday

    Some time since the middle of the summer holidays we have had a sample of wallpaper cellotaped to the wall in our downstairs toilet. Tuesday was finally the day that we found the time to take it down and make it a more permanent fixture. Hubby has always said that he doesn’t really enjoy wallpapering […]

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  • Last night I ‘Swished’!!!! 2

    Last night I ‘Swished’!!!!

    Yes you read that right, last night I ‘swished’!!!! Have you heard of swishing? It’s been popular in the US for a long time but has only been here in the UK for the last year. I have fancied giving it a go but I still hadn’t seen anything local to me until last night. […]

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  • Raise your baby like a Royal . . . 3

    Raise your baby like a Royal . . .

    Prince George is already a little over two weeks old, I wonder how William and Kate are adjusting to the sleepless nights. Those first few weeks and months are so precious, Jelly Bean is only six months old but looking back at the photographs of when he was born seems like a whole different lifetime […]

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  • Persil Stain Art

    The one where I love stains!

    That’s got to be wrong hasn’t it? To love stains?? Well, the one time it’s ok to love stains is when they have been painted by artist Dermot Flynn to represent one of your scrumptious children. Yes would you believe it, this beautiful piece of art has been painted using stains. My little gem of […]

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  • Give your home a touch of class without the cost 4

    Give your home a touch of class without the cost

    Decorating your home on a budget can be difficult, especially if you are trying to achieve a high end finish. However, there are some simple and low cost ways to make the room appear richer and more luxurious. With some careful planning and a bit of creativity, you can make just about any room in […]

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  • Tips for fire-proofing your family home 6

    Tips for fire-proofing your family home

    It’s horrible thinking about what you’d do if your family home caught fire – destroying your house and your possessions. But part of being a responsible parent is acknowledging risks and doing your best to protect your family. And while this means taking fire prevention measures around the home to stop fire breaking out, it […]

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